“PrintDreams main vision is to establish a global standard for truly portable printer devices and therefore to set the technology basis for the number one accessory for laptop, mobile phone and PDA’s users across the world.”

The consumer is offered truly portable printer devices that are very easy and intuitive to use. With one or few sweeping, natural, hand movements across any print media, good quality text and images can be produced. Any imaginable form of digital content can be printed using RMPT devices.

Skandia Liv and Esselte Corporation are among some of the formers shareholders and investors in PrintDreams. Skandia Liv during the period 2001-2003 and Esselte Corporation during the period 2006-2007.
We welcome discussions with new investors for a new expansion phase in the life of the company that will put it into a global top positioning in the printing industry.

PrintDreams is currently cooperating with Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall in a project around real-time optical positioning for consumer products. PrintDreams know-how around real-time, high-precision, optical surface positioning that has resulted into the world-leading OptoNav™ technology has turned out to be very useful for the project. The main issues to be addressed are related to the design of a positioning sensor that is cost-effective and small enough to be integrated in consumer products across a wide range of segments such as printer devices, free roving products, vehicles, head mounted display systems, etc.
On Mid Sweden University’s side, there is substantial research done on real-time video- and image processing systems, particularly in issues regarding memory allocation and architectural issues to facilitate embedded design.

PrintDreams has also a liaison with the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). PrintDreams have accepted in the past to lead and guide 8 students from KTH during 6 months. It is crucial PrintDreams us to be updated in new technologies from the academic world as well as it is our duty to prepare students for work. KTH has a wide knowledge and extensive resources for research available. We believe that KTH and PrintDreams at large can benefit from each other. As a proof of this, PrintDreams founder & CEO is currently mentoring a group of students at KTH Kista Campus on Entrepreneurship matters.

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