Founded in 1919 as Asahi Optical Joint Stock Co., PENTAX, which was established in 1938.  The company took on its current name on October 1, 2002. The company quickly became a pioneer and technological leader in the SLR camera industry with the introduction of its first SLR camera, the Asahiflex I, in 1952. Since then, PENTAX has made many contributions with state-of-the-art products – many of them “world firsts.”

Today, through its subsidiary companies and more than 100 local distributors in some 100 countries, PENTAX continues to achieve an ever-growing presence based on the in-depth analysis of market information collected by its worldwide sales network. The results of such market research activities are fed back to PENTAX’s research and development departments so that they can respond to these needs and desires by developing products which can fully satisfy users around the world. PENTAX’s global network also provides reliable aftercare and warranty services to its international customers, thus enhancing confidence in the “PENTAX” brand.

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