Paperiton is a company specialized in Modern Document Management. Our products are used to solve the real-life needs of handling electronic documents.

What we mean with Modern Document Management is very simple to define.

A Document Management System must be simple and pleasant to use, and be no paper tiger itself.

Our focus as a company is to make life easier by delivering products that are easy to learn, use and maintain, while being user-centric and innovative. Users should enjoy using the Document Management System they are invited to work with.

Paperiton DMS Document Management System will not dictate how you must run your business. Instead, Paperiton Document Management System will reduce significantly unnecessary hassle with electronic documents, and gives the people more time to concentrate on the essence of their work.

Key elements of modern document management include good security, flexible integration possibilities to different client-side applications as well as on the server, and general ease of use.

Add to that the possibility to automate repetitive tasks to save time and improve quality of the contents, and powerful Document Process Management features to control the flow of the work, and you end up with Paperiton DMS.

Paperiton is a privately owned company, founded in 2002.  Paperiton is registered in The Netherlands.

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