Océ introduceert samen met het Dutse InterTi en het Zwisterse Previon de Niiu, een dagelijkse krant op de individuele krant. Deze krant bestaat uit geselecteerde secties uit toonaangevende internationale kranten aangevuld met actuele web content op basis van RSS feeds.

Met de nieuwe technologie krijgen uitgevers nieuwe mogelijkheden om hun doelgroepen te bedienen en wordt het gat tussen internet en de papieren krant gedicht. Artikelen en advertenties kunnen op maat worden gemaakt voor de ontvanger. Wordt dit concept de redder van de krantenindustrie?

Océ heeft voor het gehele concept een groot aantal patenten verworven in de VS en Europa.

De productie zal gaan plaatsvinden op de Océ Jetstream 2200, met een productiecapaciteit van 2000 tabloid kranten van 36 pagina’s per uur.

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World’s first individualized newspapers printed with new Océ color technology
Market leader launches patented order and print concept in Germany in cooperation with InterTi GmbH, Berlin

Venlo, The Netherlands, 13 October 2009 – Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, today announced a strengthening of its leadership position in the emerging digital newspaper print market. This is achieved by entering into cooperation with InterTi GmbH Berlin. Océ plays a pivotal role in the world premiere of “niiu” – the first individualized newspaper to be printed digitally on a daily basis.

Selected sections from national and international titles plus content from the Internet united in a daily newspaper
The basis of this innovative publishing concept is an internet platform provided by InterTi GmbH. InterTi cooperates with leading German titles like Bild, Handelsblatt and Tagesspiegel and with international titles like The New York Times, Washington Times and Komsomolskaya Pravda (Russia) to provide titles for young readers which allows them to select the specific content they desire. In addition, personalized information is available from web-only content such as blogs and RSS feeds. This variable content is united into an individualized personal daily newspaper through a web-based platform realized by InterTi GmbH in cooperation with the Swiss software company Previon AG. Wanja S. Oberhof, the co-founder of “niiu” comments: “Even young people prefer to read on paper. With the “niiu” concept we bridge the gap between web and print.”

“niiu” provides considerable benefits for publishers and advertisers. Publishers can attract new young readers by repurposing content, and advertisers draw advantages from highly selected and target group-specific advertising. While Germany’s capital Berlin is the first market for “niiu”, it is planned to expand the concept to other metropolises such as Hamburg or Munich.

Océ JetStream 2200 provides quality & productivity to lead the digital newspaper market
Océ pioneered the digital newspaper market with its Digital Newspaper Network. More than 20 million copies have been produced globally since 2001, making Océ the market leader in digital newspaper production. The award-winning Océ JetStream® full-color inkjet family secures Océ’s leadership in this evolving market since its high quality, productivity and reliability make it the ideal platform for personalized and short-run newspapers. The newspapers will be produced on an Océ JetStream 2200. With a line speed of 150 m/min, the Océ JetStream 2200 has the capacity to produce more than 2,000 36-page tabloid newspapers per hour.

From business concept to implementation
Océ provides end-to-end solutions for the digital newspaper market. Sebastian Landesberger, Executive Vice President
Océ Production Printing, comments: “Océ has patented the concept of personalized newspapers and founded the Digital Newspaper Network. The introduction of the Océ JetStream family of color inkjet presses has opened new markets such as domestic production of short-run titles or personalized newspapers with 10,000 or more copies. As a partner of the “niiu” project, Océ is once again a pioneer in the digital newspaper market. We are convinced of the potential of this exciting new business concept and intend to fully support its future development.”

Patented personalization from Océ
Océ’s solution for the newspaper market includes presses, workflows and business models. The principle underlying to the printing of “niiu” is patented by Océ. The company holds various intellectual property rights in Europe and the USA for the concept of ordering, accessing and printing individually assembled newspapers or other publications by utilizing the World Wide Web or other data networks.

Océ PRISMA workflow for digital newspapers
As part of the Océ PRISMA® for Graphic Arts software suite, Océ’s personalized newspaper solution automatically processes up to 1,000 megabytes of variable data per minute. The processing is carried out by multiple parallel PPML and PDF ripping processes running on Océ’s massive parallel SRA MP controller, thus matching the speed and productivity of the Océ JetStream 2200.

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