DiMS, Nederlandse leverancier van ERP/MIS oplossingen voor de grafische industrie heeft in Chicago op de PRINT09  twee awards gewonnen. Met het winnen van deze Award wordt de opnieuw de kwaliteit en functionaliteit bevestigd van DiMS. DiMS heeft succesvol een wereldspeler geworden voor oplossingen op het gebied van grafische informatiemanagement systemen.

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Lichtenvoorde, September 16th, 2009 – DiMS! organizing print, a world leader in MIS systems for the printing and packaging industries, received two Worth-a-Look! awards at PRINT 09 in Chicago. DiMS.NET! and DiMS! Enterprise both received Worth-a-Look! awards in the Management Information Systems category. Commenting on the awards, DiMS! organizing print North America president Luther Erlund said: “We are extremely pleased that the editors and consultants evaluating product introductions at the show named our two new products as particularly important for show visitors to see.”

DiMS.NET!, a new MIS/ERP system for medium-to-large printers introduced at the show, is an evolution of the DiMS! system which automates the complete range of web-enabled administrative and printing processes across an entire enterprise. It contains true end-to-end integration-from estimating to planning and scheduling, pre-press to production, shipping to invoicing and financials. The award-winning DiMS.NET!, based on the familiar Microsoft Vista look and feel, has a smart memory which adapts to the user’s application behavior and requirements. Every flow step has various options, and the system automatically adopts the ideal and favorite work methods of each individual user.

DiMS! Enterprise, which also received an award, is an extension of the DiMS! ERP/MIS software package specifically designed for printing companies with multiple plant operations. One technology, one fully integrated system, flawlessly integrates all processes from CRM and estimating, to planning and scheduling. Designed to address the specific needs of the graphic arts industry, DiMS! Enterprise is suitable for all existing graphic techniques, including digital print, sheetfed and web offset, and gravure, as well as all finishing processes. Eliminating the need to integrate multiple servers or employ add-ons, DiMS! Enterprise streamlines and automates key business processes across the enterprise, from end to end. By allowing printers to harness valuable information on a centralized, web-enabled database, DiMS! Enterprise provides the ability to link internal information systems, instantaneously track production data and measure results, and integrate operations with key clients and suppliers.

DiMS! organizing print is the first MIS system to be granted four JDF certifications at the highest level attainable. DiMS! was recently awarded four JDF certifications by Printing Industries of America – the official certification body for CIP4. DiMS! achieved the highest MIS-ICS level of conformance currently possible in terms of JDF submission and JMF handling. JDF certifications were achieved for MIS to Prepress ICS, MIS to Conventional Printing ICS (Sheetfed), MIS to WebPress ICS (Commercial Web), and Layout Creator to Imposition ICS and Base ICS. DiMS! is the first and only MIS supplier to be JDF certified for Commercial Web. All of the above mentioned ICSs are, within their category, at the highest level of certification currently available.

Image: Gerard Marneth (left), CEO & Founder and Luther Erlund (right), President North America from DiMS! organizing print at Print 09.

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