Contentworker by Formpipe and DotOffice doLegal™ corporate identity document assembly join
forces to offer the Legal Market their best of breed solutions combined and seamlessly connected.
Contentworker by Formpipe is a Microsoft® SharePoint™ based Document Management suite
designed and built for the Legal Market.

doLegal is the most used document assembly solution for Microsoft® Office in the Netherlands with
connection and integration to all common PMS and CRM systems used in the Legal Market. Also
DotOffice is offering (legal) signing of documents as one off their possibilities.

Together Contentworker and doLegal offer the most comprehensive total workspace solution in the
Legal Market to build, store, legally sign and find & retrieve documents, emails and other case
related files. Delivering a matter centric solution based on Microsoft (365) Office and SharePoint.

Constant Sciarone, CEO of DotOffice, comments on the partnership “We have been looking for a
SharePoint based DMS partner for many years that is able to step up to the challenge and answer the
legal customer demand. We have seen and tested reasonable and bad attempts over the years, but
only Contentworker was able to meet all our and our customers’ expectations. We are excited to
enter in this partnership with Formpipe Intelligo.”

Jonas Abrahamsson, Sales Director at Formpipe Intelligo says “We are very happy to announce our
partnership with DotOffice, who´s market leading solutions and strong presence in the Dutch market
complements and adds value to Contentworker and to our clients. ”With our first implementation in
progress in the Netherlands, we are excited to present our partnership to the Legal market.”

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