Agfa Graphics is a world leader in prepress solutions for the printing and publishing industries. Agfa Graphics provides commercial, newspaper and packaging printers with the most extensive range of workflow automation, project management, computer-to-film, computer-to-plate and proofing solutions. As the world’s largest plate supplier, Agfa Graphics produces analog plates as well as thermal, visible light, and chemistry-free digital plates to offer advanced solutions for different printing applications.

Agfa also serves the indoor and outdoor display market with wide-format inkjet printing systems, and the short-run printing market with its :Dotrix industrial inkjet printing systems. Seeing the potential for inkjet printing, the company is investing heavily in the development of innovative technologies to fill market needs.

Premedia, printing, packaging and publishing companies are automating production tasks and moving toward a business model where manufacturing, accounting, administrative and customer service functions merge to form a highly efficient, interactive graphic enterprise.

Advanced digital technology and online communications have made this possible. Agfa’s goal is to provide all customers, regardless of size or printing application, with the tools that will allow them to achieve their Graphic Enterprise with higher quality, greater efficiency and stronger customer relationships.

Facts and figures

Agfa Graphics is Agfa’s largest business unit with dedicated manufacturing facilities in Europe, United States, Asia and South America.
Its software development group for workflow automation solutions, proofing and digital printing is located in Ghent and Mortsel, Belgium.

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