INFOTRENDS: (Weymouth, MA) April 5, 2011…The rise in the number of mobile knowledge workers, which is approximately 70% of the U.S. office workforce, is creating a need for new technologies that are compact, easy-to-use, and connect with mobile devices that drive this new breed of office worker. This shift to mobile is impacting every aspect of the office document environment from new cloud computing services to new mobile printing applications. The scanning industry is no exception. User behavior is creating demand for a new generation of scanner that is sure to take mobility even further as the number and needs of the mobile knowledge workers continue to shift and increase.

The good news is that scanners can work together with mobile devices enabling business workers to remain connected regardless of location while also helping companies to keep their information organized. This coming year, InfoTrends expects to see a new generation of mobile document scanners. These devices will no longer rely on an outlet for power, deriving life from batteries and capturing images to an onboard memory card that can then be removed to upload the images to a PC or directly connect to a mobile device.

According to new research from InfoTrends’ report entitled Business Imaging Scanner End-User Survey; respondents indicated that the most commonly used mobile devices were smartphones (55%). Of the respondents who use these devices, 40% use them to scan documents.

Anne Valaitis, Associate Director of InfoTrends Image Scanning Trends service commented, “There is an untapped opportunity for scanner vendors when it comes to mobile knowledge workers. You must determine how you can profit from this new office dynamic. Those that are quick enough to capture the opportunity that the mobile knowledge worker presents will be in an ideal position to serve the market of the future and capture new revenue streams.”

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