Apple en HP maakten onlangs bekend dat AirPrint draadloos printen voor iPad, iPhone en iPod-touch nu beschikbaar is als gratis software-update bij Apple iOS 4.2.

AirPrint vindt automatisch een geschikte printer in je netwerk en functioneert direct, je hoeft geen drivers te installeren.

AirPrint is op dit moment verkrijgbaar op 12 HP ePrinters, waaronder de HP ENVY100 e-AiO. Alle HP ePrinters zullen vanaf nu over AirPrint-functionaliteiten beschikken.

AirPrint enables wireless printing to HP ePrinters from Apple iOS devices

HP and Apple’s new AirPrint technology automatically locates HP ePrint-enabled printers allowing direct printing from Apple iOS devices and eliminating the need for multiple driver downloads.

HP this week announced that AirPrint wireless printing for iPad®, iPhone® and iPod® touch is now available as a free software update with Apple iOS 4.2. An embedded print function within apps on these devices will allow users to automatically find a HP ePrint-enabled printer on wireless networks within users’ Wi-Fi range, and print to it with one touch – without the need to install drivers or download software.

HP’s existing and upcoming ePrint enabled printers are unique in their ability to support direct printing from iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod® touch devices through AirPrint – no other printing companies offer this capability today. HP is empowering customers to print whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want. Anytime, anywhere.

AirPrint functionality is incorporated in a range of HP ePrint enabled printers now available in Europe including Photosmart printers for consumers, as well as Officejet/Officejet Pro and LaserJet Pro printers for the office. AirPrint is currently available on 12 HP ePrinters including the HP ENVY100 e-AiO. Please see attached product sheet for full list of compatible products. All HP ePrint enabled printers will work with AirPrint worldwide in the future.

Apple iOS app developers now have the option to add print functionality to their apps directly through an SDK released by Apple in September, so expect to see this function introduced to an increasing number of apps.

AirPrint, allowing wireless printing from Apple mobile devices to HP ePrint enabled printers, is the second wireless printing solution from HP following the recent launch of HP ePrint. HP ePrint allows you to print from anywhere in the world, from any internet enabled mobile device, by sending an email directly to your HP ePrinter’s individual email address.

Following the launch of AirPrint, HP now enables printing from mobile devices in three ways:

1.HP ePrint, a cloud-based solution that enables printing from any mobile device from anywhere in the world where an email can be sent.

2.AirPrint: print functionality embedded natively into an operating system that connects with HP ePrint enabled printers; and

3.Mobile apps and drivers that provide print functionality where an embedded solution is not available;

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